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Valentine Amartey

28 Mar '16

Jorge Clar in Valentine Amartey

Posted by Thuy Nguyen

I fell in love with my friend Valentine Amartey tees from the time I saw he was selling them at Ladyfag’s Popsouk market.

I was captivated by his twist on a new wave aesthetic—the image on the shirt becomes a swath of lines when viewed up close, revealing romantic reverie when seen from afar.

Stills of sexual acts are among my favorite images, as I am captivated by the incidental “classical" positioning figures often assume when a porno video, for instance, freezes while streaming.

Valentine teaches Knitwear at the Parsons School of Design, as well as an extremely popular Shibari (Kinbaku) Japanese bondage workshop at the Shag lingerie store in Williamsburg.

The t-shirt graphics, quite appropriately, are printed on Japanese cotton tees.

I wore this t-shirt with my dad’s garnet (my birthstone) ring, which he was wearing when he made his transition. I recently had my friend and jewelry master Blue Bayer restore it to its full splendor at Blue Atelier, his bespoke jewelry boutique on Clinton Street. My hair is byJeanise Avilés, the best colorist in New York and a magician by all accounts—always ascending with intention. 

All this being said, with this post I close the first Jorge Clar Diary T-Shirt Week with a golden brooch.

I will nonetheless continue to feature a T-Shirt of the Week, as there are always so many great ones being produced by artist friends and I just can’t wait to wear them.

Photo by Van Wifvat.